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Neil Patel Net Worth – Bio, Wiki, & Age

Neil Patel Net Worth: Know more about the digital marketing maestro!

Net Worth$15 Million
Known forCrazy Egg, Kissmetrics, Ubersuggests, Neil Patel Digital Marketing Agency
PositionDigital Marketer
CountryBorn: United Kingdom, Moved to: United States of America
Last Updated2020

Neil Patel, the 21st-century role model for digital marketing across numerous platforms. Gaining prominence through Neil Patel Keyword Tool, Uber Suggest, he has gained enough followers. He has become an inspiration to many digital marketers as he has promenaded to capture a large market share. Neil Patel has numerous digital products to his name, which has helped him to gain traction and grow his revenue to close to $10 Million.

This article will explore the success story of Neil Patel about how he started his entrepreneurial journey and grew his brand and company to an internet marketing sensation.

Neil Patel Early life

Neil Patel recognizes himself as an Indian. He cites that he was born in England, UK, on April 24th, 1985. He later moved on to California. Neil had a standardized middle-class childhood wherein he had the equivalent struggle as that of any first-generation Indian in the US. His mother worked as an unpaid teacher wherein he and his sister accompanied him to school. His dad worked along with his uncle for a lower salary, but it gave him enough to survive.

Eventually, the gene of entrepreneurship rubbed onto his shoulder from his uncles. He has a very interesting life story as to how he started with his first venture, which was the pathway to his consistent success.

Starting up as an entrepreneur:

The early days saw Neil Patel starting up with the selling of black boxes to the college students. He used to buy black boxes at a discounted rate, in bulk on eBay and he used to sell them at a fair price. Over time, he realized the legal problems arising out of his business, thus he looked for a safer income source. He observed the growing importance of reselling of the second-hand tools for cars and automobiles. As a result, he took up the reseller’s license and ventured into this business.

Though it gave him some quick grand, he was lacking the stability in his life. Eventually, he started hunting for a job. It landed him a couple of jobs, which are not worth mentioning. But, they helped him in gaining some monetary stability and gain.

How Neil Patel’s sister changed his life?

As Neil was still looking for the best way to earn a stable income, his sister introduced him to her boss, who was an Oracle consultant. The consultant used to charge his clients at the rate of per hour. This made the entrepreneur within Neil awaken, as he started his first job portal, Advice Monkey. Advice Monkey, inspired by the business model of helped Neil to understand the most basic requirement for any product – Marketing!

Neil understood that it is not the product that will sell itself. The product needs to reach people online, thus making the users buy the product.

After hiring a couple of online marketing firms, Neil Patel realized that they were to no good use. Instead, they only siphoned his funds but gave no return instead.

This made Neil start working himself on digital marketing and this turning point was to make him the next big brand in digital marketing.

The beginning of Neil Patel – The Brand!

As Neil himself studied more about digital marketing, he implemented the concepts to Advice Monkey. Though Advice Monkey became successful, it was never as successful as he anticipated it to be. As he gave one of the speeches in his class on how the search engines work, he got his first big break as an internet marketing consultant. Inspired by the same, he started his own digital marketing firm. 

As the profits came rolling in for Neil from his marketing venture, he also committed the mistake of poor investments that made him lose a million dollars. As a result, came the next start-up, the Crazy Egg, was pretty well received by the investors. 

Since the company was failing to make any profits, there were no VCs who were looking forward to acquiring the company. As a result, the only option left for Neil was to make the organization profitable.

But, over time, Crazy Egg became profitable, which made Neil realize that software companies have the recurring profit benefits attached to them. This made him jump to providing software solutions to problems of various companies, as he was not loving the life of a marketing consultant.

But, as fate would have it, one error after another, led to the failure of the software company. This led to Neil falling back on Crazy Egg, but with time he realized that this company might not turn up to be that big.

This eventually led him to come up with the idea of KISS metrics, which got funding by True Ventures. Over time, a few more products hit the market over the same platform, which gave Neil enough success to diversify his investments across numerous ventures.

Net Worth of Neil Patel

Though there is no calculated net worth of knowledge, yet, monetarily Neil Patel’s net worth stands close to $15 Million. The sources of his earning come from the many companies that he acquired and sold, along with his major start-up Crazy Egg. Neil Patel Blog has a traffic of over 100 thousand, which is also a source for the generation of revenues.

Neil Patel is also an avid investor who has invested in multiple companies that have given him excellent returns. Neil also runs his own YouTube channel that goes by his own name, which ensures that he gets a fair share of income through YouTube ad revenue too.

Key learnings from Neil’s journey

From the life story of Neil, we can have two key learnings: 

  1. Being aware of every situation helps us in tapping the business opportunities.
  2. Focusing on the depth of the knowledge, instead of trying to get into every business vertical. This is always beneficial in the longer run.

As Neil Patel is showing no further signs of slowing down, we hope to learn even more from the live Q&A sessions of Neil on Facebook, too.

As of February, 2024, the estimated net worth of Neil Patel is $15 Million.


Neil Patel went from selling black boxes to college students to becoming one of the biggest names in Digital Marketing. His entrepreneurial journey is truly exciting, motivational, and inspiring.

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