Marques Brownlee net worth

Marques Brownlee Net Worth

Marques Brownlee Net Worth, MKBHD Net Worth.

Net Worth$3 Million
Known forMKBHD on YouTube, Quality Tech Videos
PositionYouTuber, Ex: Ultimate Frisbee Player.
CountryUnited States of America
Last Updated2022

Marques Keith Brownlee is an American Tech YouTuber. On his channel MKBHD has over 15.20 Million Subscribers and 2.8 Billion video views.

He is among the largest Tech YouTubers in the world. Marques’ channel averages 48 Million video views each month. (Data: Socialblade, 2024 )

As of April, 2024, the estimated net worth of Marques Brownlee is about $3 Million.

Marques Brownlee – Early life and Education

Marques grew up in Maplewood, New Jersey. He was in Columbia High School when he started his YouTube journey. 

Brownlee majored in business and information technology from the Howe School at Stevens Institute of Technology. He became a full-time YouTuber after graduating from college in May 2015. He produced videos from his apartment until 2016. After that he moved his office to a studio in Kearny, New Jersey.

Marques Brownlee – YouTube Career

Marques started making YouTube Videos in 2009. His first ever video was about Media Center Remote which came with his new Laptop: HP Pavilion dv7t. He continued improving his videos taking feedback from the users. He explains the features that his audience want to know more about. This helps him connect with his audience better and produce content that they want to watch. 

In one of his Q&A videos Brownlee was requested of his view about his first video and he said, after watching the video, “That was really bad, but I’m glad I made it.”

Marques Brownlee – Income

Marques gets about 41 Million views on his Videos each month. According to our estimates he has an avg. CPM of $1.87. That puts his monthly Adsense earnings to about $76,670. Lets add $30,668 (40% of Adsense Revenue) as his affiliate and sponsorship income. That’s a total of $107,338.00. So, according to our estimates Marques Brownlee earns about $107,338.00 from YouTube each month.

Marques Brownlee – Net Worth

The details of Marques’ finances aren’t known, but we can estimate his net worth from the way he films his videos. He uses a Red Camera and a lot of other equipment. His office is quite big too. He also owns a Tesla and spends a lot of money in filming quality Tech Videos. We have estimated his net worth after considering all of the above factors. 

According to our estimates, the net worth of Marques Brownlee is about $3 Million as of April, 2024.


Brownlee’s greatest strength is his understanding about his audience’s curiosity and what they want to learn. He also demonstrates a great level of understanding about the products and services he discusses.

By our estimates, the net worth of Marques Brownlee is about $3 Million. Since this is an unofficial figure it may not be accurate. But, we have tried our best to keep it close to actual figures.

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