Linus Sebastian Net Worth a.k.a. Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips Net Worth, Linus Sebastian Net Worth

Net Worth$15 Million
Known forLinus Tech Tips on YouTube
PositionYouTuber, Host
Last Updated2023

Linus Sebastian is a Canadian Tech YouTuber. On his channel Linus Tech Tips, he has over 10 Million Subscribers and 3.3 Billion video views. He is among the largest Tech YouTubers in the world. 

Linus has four major channels named Linus Tech Tips, Techquickie, Channel Super Fun and TechLinked. Combined, his channels average 106 Million video views each month (Data: Socialblade, May 5th, 2021). His company is called Linus Media Group (LMG).

As of November, 2023, the net worth of Linus Sebastian, the founder and CEO of Linus Tech Tips is estimated at $15 Million. He own various other channels through his group company called Linus Media Group.

Linus Sebastian – Early life and pre YouTube Career

Linus worked as a manager for the (now defunct) Canadian online computer store NCIX. His roles at the company include: full-time sales representative, a high-end systems designer, a product manager, and a category manager. He was also asked by the company to be the host for their products demonstrations channel, which later shut down due to high production costs, and low viewership. 

That was when Linus Tech Tips was born; to keep things relatable while giving enough separation from the NCIX brand. Working for a tech retailer Linus had access to a lot of computer hardware. That really gave them a good head start because figuring out how to get the parts to film videos, is a huge problem for most of the small tech creators. 

Linus Sebastian – YouTube Career

Linus started making YouTube Videos in 2008. Initially the Linus Tech Tips channel was created to showcase the products that NCIX sold and help their customers get hands on and assembling experience before purchasing the parts online. In 2013, Linus negotiated a deal with NCIX where he got to keep all of Linus Tech Tips’ assets. This was the foundation for Linus Media Group and kickstarted a series of channels thereafter. 

Currently Linus Media Group Inc. employs 27 people including Linus as the CEO and his Wife as CFO. Over the years they’ve partnered with, and built very strong relationships with big brands like Intel, Thermaltake, Corsair, Asus, and Dbrand among others.

For example, here’s what Thermaltake has to say about the group in their testimonial: “Leave it to Linus Media Group for the perfect balance of professionalism and off-the-wall ideas that can garner growth, brand exposure, and fun.”

Throughout his career, Linus has partnered and collaborated with other YouTubers as well including Marques Brownlee (MKBHD), and iJustine, among others. He also once stated that iJustine is one of his favourite YouTubers.

Linus Sebastian – aka Linus Tech Tips Income

Linus gets about 106 Million views on his Videos each month. According to our estimates he should have an avg. CPM of $2.5. That puts his monthly Adsense earnings to about $265,000.

Linus Tech Tips contributes about $200,000 to that amount. They also earn a lot of money from brand partnerships, affiliates, etc. That is about 3 times the Adsense revenue of Linus Tech Tips or $600,000. That gives us a total of $865,000. So, according to our estimates Linus Sebastian earns about $865,000.00 from YouTube (directly or indirectly) each month.

Linus Sebastian aka Linus Tech Tips Net Worth

It’s none of our business to know how much Linus, or any other YouTuber makes. But their incomes can be predicted with a fair amount of accuracy using tools like socialblade and already available information. 

So, we took all that data and asked our AI net worth calculator to process them (just kidding). According to our estimates, the net worth of Linus Sebastian (The founder of Linus Tech Tips) is about $15 Million as of November, 2023.

Linus Sebastian Highlights

Here are some of the highlights of Linus Sebastian alongside his journey with Linus Tech Tips and the Linus Media Group.

  • Created Linus Tech Tips – 2008
  • Married YVONNE HO – 2011
  • Started TechQuickie – 2012
  • Created Channel Super Fun – 2014
  • Started TechLinked – 2018
  • Reached 10 Million Subscribers on Linus Tech Tips – January, 2020


Linus finds opportunities to fill the gap in the demands of his viewers. For eg. Tech Quickie delivers “explainer” videos in an easy to understand, short and fun way. Techlinked features rapid fire style news from around the world. 

Linus (with the help of his team) has shown that you can do brand partnerships and collaborative projects without compromising your integrity.

This shows in the Linus Media Group’s expansion as viewers have largely supported them and made them one of the most viewed tech channels on YouTube. 

By our estimates, the net worth of Linus Sebastian is about $15 Million. Since this is an unofficial figure it may not be accurate. But, we have tried our best to keep it close to actual figures.

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