Kevin Gates net worth

Kevin Gates Net Worth

Kevin Gates Net Worth

Net Worth$1 Million
Known forLil Wayne’s Young Money label
PositionArtist, Singer
CountryUnited States of America
Last Updated2020

Kevin Gates has become a well-known name amongst the hip-hop industry. With the release of the first solo album Ola, which reached the top of the billboard, Gates has made a name for himself in the music industry. 

It can be termed as one of the turnaround stories, wherein after grabbing attention from Lill Wayne, Gates climbed the charts!

With a net worth of close to $1 Million, the life story of Kevin Gates is one interesting inspiration for many!

Let us explore more about Kevin Gates through his personal life and net worth!

Kevin Gates Early Life

Born as Kevin Gilyard on February 5, 1986, he shares a Puerto-Rican descendant. Being born in African-American family, Gates had his share of struggles in his childhood. Being a two-time prisoner, Gates was first put behind the bars when he was only 13 years. 

Kevin currently lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the United States.

At just a tender age of 13, he had to see his father succumb to death due to complications arising out of AIDS. 

The starting of the music career for Kevin was when he sought out for singing songs at a local label. 

Gates caught the attention of some good producers after releasing his first mixtape in the year 2007, followed by another one in the subsequent year.

Kevin Gates Music Career

Dead Game Records was the first label that was signed by Kevin Gates. Aspiring to become a rapper, starting straight after graduation, Gates had clarity about his goals. 

In 2005, he started working with the label, followed by mixtapes in 2008. Reflecting upon his personal life, the mixtapes seemed to talk about personal pain and grievance. 

Thanks to the mixtapes, Lil Wayne noticed the potential in Gates, thus signing him up for the Young Money Entertainment label. 

This was a big break for Gates!

During this time, till 2013, Gates did not release any other mixtape under the YME label. 

2013 saw him signing up with Atlantic Records that brought him a bag full of opportunities. 

Collaborations with artists like 2 Chains, Ty Dolla Sign along with the mixtape The Luca Brasi Story gave him a lot of appreciation and applause.  

The Luca Brasi Story got ranked in double digits in the Billboard Top 200, reaching as high as the 13th spot. The mixtape made Gates one of the most recognized artists in the hip-hop industry. 

Hits by Gates which include the music video with close to 250M views, Really Really, have made him one of the rising artists in the hip-hop industry. With the catchy chorus and the impactful lines, the song stayed at the peak position of 14th in Billboard for more than 6 months. 

Yet, the major hit of Kevin Gates would be 2 Phones. Peaking the billboard on 2nd April 2016, the song stayed in the third position for 6 straight months. With close to 300M views, and more than 1.7M likes, the song has been appreciated for the theme and the personal lyrical impacts.

Kevin Gates Music Style

Gates has an autobiographical style of music. With the lyrics hinting towards a confession, Gates’ artistry has been praised due to the truthfulness of the lyrics. 

The main themes of the music is the darker side of life, which artists abstain from writing about. 

Depression, poverty, jail time, anxiousness are all a part of the lyrical themes in the songs of Gates. 

His inspiration being Eminem, his lyrical styles also reflect a similar tone of positivity arising out of the melancholy. 

In the recent releases, his songs have focussed more on the singing part of it, after working on it with Monica. 

Kevin Gates Personal Life

Gates found love in Dreka Haynes in the year 2015. Currently, he is the proud father of two kids. He named the first album that got released in the year 2015, Islah, which is after his daughter’s name.

Kevin Gates, while being in the prison, scripted the turnaround story of his life. He completed his master’s degree in psychology during imprisonment. Moreover, his focus shifted towards music as he learned more about it in the prison.

Based on the good behavior, Gates was released from prison. His story about a turnaround is not only noteworthy but also remarkable. 

The major part of his net worth is from the music albums which gave him global recognition as well. He has also been actively involved in live concerts, which has been a second source of income. 

As of 2020, the estimated net worth of Kevin Gates is $1 Million.

Kevin Gates Key Learnings

Kevin Gates could be an example of turnarounds in life. No matter how hard the situation gets, it takes conscious efforts to turn your life to reach greatness.

Some of the key learnings from Gates’ life that we can take are:

1. Being productive often helps in the longer term. When Gates was in prison, he kept his focus only on his growth and development. This helped him to get educated, learn new skills, and turn his life around. 

2. Good behavior always pays-off. As per the reports of the jailors, his show of good behavior was one of the reasons for early release from prison. 

3. Kevin has been very open about his emotional side. Often, in the hip-hop industry, artists tend to show their strong and macho side. But, Gates, on the other hand, has been an outlier. He has spoken openly about depression and he follows the ideology of staying true to himself. 

4. Creativity can reduce the difficulty of every problem. Gates, through his music, has shown how creatively pain can be transformed into a passion. His songs are a consistent reminder about being open in his life to both happy and sad times. 

5. Being clear about passion is important for achieving success in life. It is well noted that Gates, just after his graduation, decided to pursue music. Instead of following any deadbeat job, he decided to produce upbeat music. This is what made the difference in the life of Gates. 

6. Gates had a life filled with numerous legal controversies. Yet, he has been strong in holding his ground steady and strong. This is what makes Gates one of the most loved artists in the hip-hop industry. 

Kevin Gates Net Worth

As a music artist, Kevin Gates earns money from his albums and contracts he signs with various music producers. Kevin is currently signed to Bread Winners and has a partnership with Atlantic Records. 

As of 2020, the net worth of Kevin Gates is estimated to be $1 Million.


If there’s something to learn from Kevin Gates’ life, it’s that, you can use a creative way to put your problems out there instead of talking about them to people who probably don’t care. 

What do you think about Kevin Gates, his turnaround story, and his net worth? 

Let us know in the comments.

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