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Grant Gustin Net Worth. Learn how much the Flash actor makes and is worth.

Net Worth$10 Million
Known forBarry Allen in CW show The Flash (2014)
CountryUnited States of America
Last Updated2020

If the soothing voice of the new talent, Grant Gustin, hasn’t swayed your mood, I am pretty sure his wonderful lifestyle would. 

You can either know him for The Flash or Running Home To You, but his early adulthood has given him all the wealth for his entire lifetime. 

Born in the year 1990, well, he is just 4 years older than me, yet his net worth is about $10 Million. 

There is a hidden trivia question for all the readers in the article! Hurry up!

This article reflects more about life, lifestyle and a big snapshot of the charitable efforts by Grant Gustin. 

As of 2020, Grant Gustin’s net worth is estimated to be $10 Million. 

Grant Gustin Early life

Standing more than 6 feet 2 inches tall, Grant was born in the birthplace of the nation, Virginia. His family background doesn’t have anyone in the showbiz world. 

Born to a paediatric nurse and a college professor, Gustin belongs to a very humble family. Yet, his inclination towards theatre has always been a driving force in his early life. 

Gustin has completed his formal education in the art schools in Norfolk and Hurrah Players Incorporated. Elon University is where he pursued further studies. His stream was Music Theatre Program wherein it shows his inclination towards art and music. 

His long-term friendship with Chris Wood has also been an influence in his acting career. 

Grant Gustin Early Career

The initial success of Grant can be granted to the TV series Glee. He has been quite a household name when it comes to the TV series. With more than 10 TV shows under his belt and more than 100 episodes of The Flash, he has marked his name in the industry. 

Moreover, it might be noted that his first appearance was in the year 2004. He played the role of a young mute Samaritan, which was applauded. 

This role paved the way for him to make his television debut in Glee. Though he initially auditioned for another role, for which he did not make the cut, yet he bagged the recurring role. 

The biggest break was when Gustin became a part of the Arrow franchise. Though the last episode was the pilot for the Flash, it was later decided to make it an independent episode. 

The Flash has been the highlight of his career till now. With the viewership rank close to 110, the series has been very well received across the US, Australia, and parts of Europe. 

Yet, with every TV series, the rankings have seemed to drop from the initial years. But, it has not reduced the popularity of Gustin. 

Grant Gustin Net Worth

With the major source of his earnings from the Flash, Grant Gustin has amassed a wealth of $10 Million till now. At a pretty young age, he has made a name for himself too.

If reports from variety are to be believed, he charges nearly $100K per episode for The Flash. That translates to $2.3 Million per year, considering the average number of episodes of The Flash. 

Yet, he has not remained stuck only with the brand of Flash. He has made numerous cross-over appearances in the Arrowverse, as well as exploring the voice acting skills too!

Trivia question for you: What is the name of Grant Gustin’s voice-over character?

If we would like to check the comparison meter, Grant ranks closer to the Arrow spearhead $125K per episode. This shows two important facts about Grant:

1. Grant is making the best out of his success. Enjoying the success and riding on the popularity, he has ensured the vault keeps filling. 

2. Keep following the dream and it is quite certain that you would achieve it. Grant, even though had no background in showbiz, made sure to pursue his career in it. 

Grant Gustin Awards and Recognition

Gustin has been awarded for both music and his acting skills. Isn’t it remarkable! Well, he has won the Teen Choice Awards, twice.

Grant was also awarded the Choice for TV Actor along with the Saturn Awards in 2015. The Flash helped him to garner nominations twice for the Best Actor in Television category in 2015 and 2016. 

Surprisingly, his cover on the Smooth Criminal ended up peaking at 26 at the Billboard Charts. Moreover, it also claimed the 10th position in the Billboard Digital Songs chart and on 28th on the Canadian chart. 

Grant Gustin Personal Life

Gustin has been dating Andrea La Thoma since 2016. Within 1 year, he decided to propose to her, for wedlock. He had plans to propose to her in Costa Rica on the set of an unnamed movie, which later kept getting postponed. 

As it was hampering his schedule with the shooting of the iconic Flash, he had to bid adieu to the movie. 

But, as planned, the proposal was on the beach, not Costa Rica though! An impromptu proposal, with a little mess up, but all’s well that ends well!
Within a year, in 2017, the couple was engaged. The first ceremony was held in Malaysia, the place from where Andrea belongs. While the second ceremony was held in Los Angeles on 15th December 2018. 

Grant Gustin Fun Facts

Some of the fun facts about Gustin which you might not be aware of:

1. Gustin’s inclination towards theatre and tap dancing made him the center of bullying by homophobic children in early schooling. He was not too much into sports, which made him unique and the target of the bullies. 

2. He ended up posting the phone number on Twitter, and within 10 minutes, he received 20 calls from his admirers. This led him to change his numbers quickly. 

3. He himself is a huge fan of another DC superhero, Superman. A tattoo on his left arm states how much he admires Superman. 

4. Thunder-foot is what we Gustin was known as due to his athletic dance moves. Co-incidentally, he worked as The Flash who has the superhuman speed of agility. Such a coincidence! Yet, Gustin has given the credit of his success to the green-screen effects and the computer graphic engineers. 

Isn’t it interesting to know a lot more about the Flash, than just what you see about him on-screen! 

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