Floyd Mayweather net worth

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth, Age & Biography

Net Worth$1 Billion
Known forBoxing, known as ‘Pretty Boy’ of the boxing arena
PositionAthlete, Professional Boxer
CountryUnited States of America
Last Updated2020

Floyd Mayweather, the ‘Pretty Boy’ of the boxing arena, has achieved a lot in a tiny span of time. Being the promoter of the boxing sport and being an undefeated wrestler, Mayweather has grabbed the eyeballs of all the enthusiasts.

This article encompasses the important nuances of the personal and the professional lives of the wrestler. It delves into the net worth of the wrestler and highlights the achievements in his career.

Being brought up in a family filled with turmoil and tumult, Floyd’s focus soon shifted towards the boxing arena and the gym. In a way to escape the consistent drug abuse and high temper of the senior Mayweather, his dedication to working on himself proved its mettle.

As of 2020, the net worth of Floyd Mayweather is estimated at $1 Billion.

Floyd Mayweather Early Life & Career

Golden Gloves 1993, ‘94 and ’96 proves the consistency of the Pretty Boy from an early stage. Finding peace in the ring, Mayweather soon developed his style of wrestling.

The agile precision and the targeted smashes made Mayweather rise in the world of the giants.

Though his success during an amateur career was the highlight which showed promising signs, his olympic controversy gave him limelight.

The controversial decision in the Olympic games which caused him to lose to Todorov became the talking point of the town.

Floyd Mayweather Professional Boxing Career

Getting into the pro-boxing career was always as eventful as his life. 1996 marked the beginning of the professional wrestling career of the Pretty Boy. 

Floyd’s stint began with an astonishing strike rate of winning more than the legends of his times in the wrestling arena.

Mayweather’s quick up-move during this time in the career ladder is credited mostly to his father and trainer. His world title in 1998, by defeating Hernandez, was just the beginning of something big to come.

Being hailed as the all-time greats of the wrestling arena, Mayweather rocked the ring in the seven year spree, starting from 2000.

Be it the lightweight, super weight or the welterweight titles, he was at the top of his game, changing his titles close to 4 weights. His success was directly reflected in the earnings.

2010 saw his net worth close to $60 million, which added up to hamper his ego more than doing good.

Floyd Mayweather Controversies

Mayweather has been closely associated with several controversies. Regarding the historical records of domestic abuse or his controversial racist comments, he has made the limelights!

Being the favorite baby of the controversies, his rant towards the success of Jeremy Lin was one of his racist comments which made highlights across the sporting world.

Channels and sports fans across the sporting world have criticized and looked down upon these statements. Till this date, there has been no remorse or clarification regarding the above sentiments.

His dig at the MMA and relating it to alcohol did not go down well with the sporting fans either.

The eulogy of boxing need not have to go through denigrating another sport, MMA.

Seems like every time you hear something weird, you can bet it’s coming from Mayweather!

Guess what! You are going to win!!

The statement about chopping the back of Manny and eating it up with the rice, doesn’t seem to be a great dinner post-match!

Not even for his fans! 

And guess what! Manny comes from the East Asia paradise and this rant did not go down well with a lot of Filipinos.

If there is a role model that your son is looking up to, you wish it better not be Mayweather!

His rant against his father and his credibility never went well across any sports fan.

In an incident, he let his emotions take the best of him, wherein he criticized the credibility of his father’s boxing skills.

The lack of respect and the shrewd misappropriation of the decency on Mayweather’s part is an example of the disdain that money and success can bring.

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth

Being one of the highest paid athletes in the world, the net worth of Floyd Mayweather is close to $1 Billion. 

It has to be noted that the major source of his earning comes from the fights against wrestlers. Other sources include the long-term contracts, showbiz presence and the endorsements which have created additional wealth for him. 

His future goal is to crunch in another $1 Billion and he is seeing the real estate sector as a gold mine. Eyeing to generate more revenues, he is wishing to invest into properties.

Coming to the good part, his contribution towards the society through philanthropic activities are also less highlighted.

He has extended his support to the Make A Wish foundation, along with the support extended to muscular dystrophy. He has also started his own foundation under the name of Mayweather Jr Foundation.

How Floyd Mayweather Spends His money?

When you earn more than you can count with your 10 fingers, you’ve got to spend it on goods you always wanted to have!

Mayweather is someone who has proved it. With a vast pool of luxurious cars and a huge fan of shining watches, he is not worried about spending bucks!

Yet, with so much money, his gambling habits are not kept in check!

He has gambled over anything under the sun and has claimed to be an addict to gambling.

Finally, his expense is mostly on the real estate sector with multi-million dollars worth of homes across the globe.

What is Pretty Boy up to now?

After having retired from boxing three times, Mayweather is now eyeing a career in the business world.

Property sales is the major arena in which he is looking forward to trying his hands on. With an aim to enrich the real estate collection, he has gone on an investment spree.

As per the recent news, if to be believed, Mayweather is also planning to make a return to the boxing arena.

If the news is to be believed, the boxing fans are highly excited to watch the money back on the screen again!


Floyd Mayweather has created an example of how you can use your money from one profession and transition into another while still retaining your wealth, even after indulging in expensive purchases. 

A world where most athletes end up broke, Floyd has created something people would look up to, for inspiration. 

What do you think about Floyd Maywealther & his net worth? 

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