Derek Muller net worth

Dr. Derek Muller Net Worth

What is Derek Muller’s net worth?

Net Worth$8 Million
Known forVeritasium on YouTube, Host of ABC show Catalyst
PositionYouTuber, Businessman, Scientist, TV Personality
CountryAustralian, Lives in Canada
Last Updated2022

Dr. Derek Alexander Muller, better known by his YouTube channel Veritasium, is a Canadian YouTuber, TV host, Science Communicator, and an inventor. Derek has been a staff member for the TV show Catalyst since 2008. Here’s a video of him explaining Gravity from 2011, on Catalyst.

As of 2024, the estimated net worth of Derek Muller is about $8 Million.

Dr. Derek Muller Early Life & Education

Derek was born in Victoria, Australia, on November 9th, 1982. But, his family moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada when he was only 2 years old. He went to West Vancouver Secondary School & graduated high school in the year 2000. After that, he went to Queen’s University in Ontario for his Bachelor’s of Science degree in engineering Physics.  

Dr. Derek Muller Career

Derek joined as a staff member at Catalyst, a Science Show by ABC in 2008, and continues to occasionally host science based videos for the TV show. Apart from that, he has also appeared on the breakfast program from the Australian television network Ten. 

In 2011, Muller started working on his YouTube channel, Veritasium. This is where he later got his big break. Following the success of his first channel, Derek launched two other channels, 2veritasium, & sciencium

Over the last 7 years, multiple of his YouTube videos have been featured in various TV channels across the world. 

Dr. Derek Muller Income & Net Worth

Derek has two main sources of income:

  • He earns Ad Revenue from his YouTube channels, and gets paid for sponsorships.
  • Muller also gets paid for the shows he hosts for TV channels like ABC & TEN. 

Derek Muller’s combined video views for all his channels for the last twelve months stands at 620 Million. At an RPM of $3 Derek’s annual ad revenue should be around $1.86 Million. Including sposorships, his net annual revenue should be close to $2.4 Million.

Subtracting expenses related to run the channel, we come to a figure of $1.6 Million in annual profits for Veritasuim founder Derek Muller.

As of 2024, the net worth of Derek Muller is estimated at $8 Million

Dr. Derek Muller Life events & Highlights

Here are some of the key Highlights from Derek Muller’s life:

1. Derek got listed as a team member of the ABC’s television program Catalyst – 2008

2. Gave a TEDxSydney talk using the subject of his thesis – 2012

3. Won the Australian Department of Innovation Nanotechnology Film Competition and the Australian Webstream Awards for Best Educational & Lifestyle Series – 2013

4. Presented Uranium – Twisting the Dragon’s Tail, a Documentary which aired on several public television stations around the world – 2015

5. Muller hosted the Google Science Fair 2015 Awards Celebration – 2015

6. Released a podcast with Henry Reich of MinutePhysics – 2015

7. Appeared as a correspondent on the Netflix series Bill Nye Saves the World – 2017

8. Presented in a documentary film Vitamania: The Sense and Nonsense of Vitamins – 2018

9. His Reservoir video went viral on YouTube in 2019. It has 80+ Million views as of 2022. To get the perfect thumbnail and title of that video, Derek contacted Mr. Beast.


Derek has combined his passion for science and his film making skills into his profession and has been able to monetise it successfully, while entertaining and educating people from all across the world. 

As of 2024, Derek Muller’s net worth is estimated at $8 Million.

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