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What is Andrei Jikh’s net worth? 

Net Worth$2.7 Million
Known forYouTube channel, Co host of Millenial Money
PositionYouTuber, Personal Finance Videos
CountryUnited States of America
Last Updated2022

Come for the net worth and stay for the magikh.

Andrei Jikh is a YouTube creator, cryptocurrency, and stock market investor from Las Vegas, Nevada. He’s good friends with Graham Stephan and Kevin Paffrath and occasionally collaborates with them on videos. 

Early Life and Education

Andrei is an immigrant from Russia. When he was in college, he used to struggle to make his parents and himself happy simultaneously. Parents have an expectation from their child to become a doctor or a lawyer, but those were the things Andrei wasn’t interested in. He worked several summer jobs while studying in College.

Later, he had to drop out of college due to poor grades. According to his Linkedin Profile, Andrei went to the University of Nevada, Los Angeles, to pursue Accounting and Business Management.  


After having worked as a VP at Abercrombie and Fitch for about 10 years, Andrei had saved and invested about $150,000 in dividend yielding stocks. So, he quit his job and started a YouTube channel by investing roughly $11,000 and buying all the video gear and getting his filming studio ready.

Around November, 2020, he invested about $100,000 into Bitcoin using Gemini and his investment was tweeted by Tyler Winklevoss.


Andrei Jikh is known for being one of the most frugal YouTubers out there, and has amassed a large following thanks to his unique lifestyle and financial advice. He’s also one of the few YouTubers to make a six-figure income solely through YouTube. He uses his money to invest in cryptocurrencies, NFT’s, and stocks.

Andrei Jikh Income

Andrei Jikh received a total of 72.5 Million video views in the last 12 Months. At an RPM of $10 which is typical for personal finance videos, his annual YouTube ad revenue should be around $725,000. Andrei doesn’t do sponsorships, so his ad revenue forms the vast majority of his earnings. 

Other income sources include Millenial money channel earnings and referral and dividend income which comes to about $25,000. Andrei’s net passive income which includes stocks dividends, crypto interests, rental income, etc is about $80,000 a year.

Andrei Jikh Net Worth and Investments breakdown

Back in 2014, when Bitcoin was trading at nearly $600 Andrei bought about 6 of them, but sold all his coins later at 50% loss. He bought a DJI drone using that money, but had he not sold his coins, he would have turned $3,600 initial investment into $400,000 in November, 2021.  

Andrei currently has about $530,000 in stocks. Out of this, his Robinhood portfolio constitutes the vast majority with half a Million dollars. Followed by $20,000 in webull (most of those are from the stocks referral program).Then he has a Roth IRA account with M1 Finance, which has about $10,000. This gives him an yearly dividend income of $10,000 to $12,000. 

Coming to crypto, Andrei has about $1.1 Million in crypto, of which he only invested $150,000 back in 2020. So, he 7x’d his money in crypto. At current market prices, Jikh’s crypto portfolio is reduced to about $700,000.

Last but definitely not the lease, a house. Right! Finally Andrei Jikh bought a house in Las Vegas, Nevada worth about $900,000. 

Adding all that and doing ninja math, we get the net worth of Andrei Jikh which is about $2.7 Million

Lessons to learn from Andrei Jikh

Jikh Andrei went from failing to get into a college to becoming a Millionaire at 26, all by himself. Here are a few key points that led to his success:

1. Understand what you’re investing in. Andrei learnt this the hard way after losing $400,000 in opportunity cost because he didn’t understand where he invested his money into. This led him to sell and lose the opportunity to drastically multiply his money. When buying something, always do your own due diligence, and don’t chase what everyone else is chasing, otherwise you’ll be worried about the volatility and make wrong decisions.

2. Try not to sell. This is an extension to the first point in a way, because if you’re buying after doing your own due diligence, you’re less likely to worry about volatility and make the right choice in selling if the underlying asset no longer conforms to what made you buy it initially.

3. Dollar Cost Average. If you loved buying a company stock when it was trading at $100, you should absolutely love it when it’s trading at a discount, provided that the fundamentals don’t change.


Andrei quit his high paying boring job to make YouTube videos and has succeeded in doing it. He’s even one of the few YouTubers who makes six fugues from YouTube ad revenue alone. 

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As of today, the estimated net worth of Andrei Jikh is about $2.7 Million

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