PewDiePie net worth

PewDiePie Net Worth

PewDiePie, a name that many of the YouTube fans must be aware of, has an interesting life story. His success was never an overnight one, it was years of struggle, sheer focus, and internal belief. Yes, we cannot deny that he was a gifted artist. But not every gifted person makes it big without the efforts. Let us learn some of the most important things from the life of PewDiePie.

This article discusses the early days of PewDiePie, his education, and his personal life. So, keep tight as you are bound to enjoy some unknown facts about his life.

As of 2020, PewDiePie has an estimated net worth of $25 Million.

Early life of PewDiePie

Born as Felix in Sweden to Lotta and Ulf Kjellberg, PewDePie had an inherent interest in art and creativity. The meaning of Felix is happiness and as per the name, he loved to maintain a positive atmosphere around him. During his childhood, he used to suffer a lot due to health issues.

For this reason, he used to distract himself by playing games on Super Nintendo Systems. There are many stories where his teachers have praised his drawing skills. But he used to draw the characters of the video games, which the teachers were not aware of. Many instances of skipping classes for video games are also well known.

As he grew up, PewDiePie developed an interest in Adobe Photoshop. The skill of Photoshop became a lifesaver for him in the future. While he was in the primary class, he cited out that he was short, which gave him a hard time. While he was studying, he won multiple Photoshop contests, and almost made it to a top-notch Scandinavian organization as an apprentice.

Days of Struggle

Initial days were never easy for Felix, but being an early riser gave Felix the needed time for momentum. While YouTube was still growing, he started his first YouTube channel by the name PewDie.

As luck would have it, while his YouTube channel was booming, he forgot the password of his YouTube channel. Thus, he lost the videos and subscribers of the channel. It was during this time that he got an admit to a college of his choice, Chalmers Institute of Technology.

While he was studying, in order to meet his expenses, he started working part-time in shops and expanded his YouTube channel. With time, the encouragement from his viewers and his success made him drop-out of his studies and focus on YouTube along with working in a Hot Dog shop.

It was during this time that his parents decided to not Felix anymore, as they were devastated by this decision of PewDiePie. In order to support himself, he decided to continue working errands and started selling his Photoshop skills. By selling his art of Photoshop, he used to fund YouTube videos.

In the year 2011, PewDiePie saw a mammoth 60K subscribers in his channel. It is at this time when he decided to leave his work at the hotdog shop and focus completely on his YouTube channel.

Personal Life of PewDiePie

The personal life of Felix is one of the most interesting and sought after, after his break into limelight. He belonged to a well to do family, but he had to suffer a lot in his childhood. He did not keep good health during childhood and this drove him towards gaming.

His parents worked in the corporate which ensured that there was not dearth of money in the family. Since Felix had an unending love for games, his parents would not buy him a console. They were afraid as it would distract him too much.

There was one exception though. When PewDiePie got sick, he used to get consoles to play and distract himself. The fact that he got  sick often helped him as it would give him a lot of opportunities to spend with the console.

The story of how Felix made his wife is an intriguing and interesting one. Born in Sweden, he met his wife online and the cupid struck just at the right time. Marzi and Felix struck the right chord just at the right time and they grew a connection over time.

With relentless chats, both got to know each other better. Eventually, after the summer, Felix decided to pay her a visit to Italy. One of the funniest stories was the communication gap that existed between them initially. Marzia was not spontaneous with English and Felix knew nothing about speaking Italian.

Eventually, they knew that they were right for each other. Though PewDiePie had no cash left with him and his channel was also at an early stage, he decided to settle with Marzia. He terms this to be the best decision of his life. As Marzia and Felix started to live together in their apartment, Felix consistently made more videos on YouTube. His channel surprisingly got more popular over time, that became a major source of income for him.

Net Worth of PewDiePie

Being the highest subscribed channel, PewDiePie has a reported net worth of $25 Million. With more than 100 million subscribers, his only competitor on YouTube is T-series.

Felix started off as a gaming sensation on YouTube slowly expanded to other genres like satire and meme roundups. His signing up with Maker Studios was a big achievement in his YouTube career that made him stand out too.

But, there is more to Felix, than just YouTube. As he grew up with time, he extended his excellence into other areas of life too. Moreover, Felix is also known for his philanthropic activities that included the fundraising activity for Charity: Water, marking the celebration of reaching 10 million subscribers.

Save the Children initiative by PewDiePie is by far one of the most successful efforts of charity made by him. With the aim of raising $250,000, he ended up raising more than $600,000 that went straight to Save the Children initiative. Felix commented that having a good childhood is an essential thing in life and that we are all children who have grown up. Catering to 125 million underprivileged lives, Felix has not shied away from being a generous person.

Life Lessons to Learn from PewDiePie

Being a successful YouTuber, PewDiePie also taught some excellent life lessons that everyone should learn from. Here are the 6 life lessons, you must learn from him.

1. Re-shaping your talent: PewDiePie used to draw pictures of gaming characters. They were so good that his teacher used to think he would be a painter. As he grew up, instead of throwing away his skill and interest of art into a junkyard, he cultivated it. He learned Adobe photoshop, which helped him to survive while he was uploading videos on YouTube.

2. Taking the leap of faith: Positivity has a major role to play in taking the leap of faith. Felix took the gamble by starting off with an online YouTube career that had an instability along with uncertainty about success. This shows the clarity that Felix had regarding decision making. Similarly, he decided to marry someone whom he met online. This could be the hardest decision on the part of both the bride and groom, yet, Felix was sure that he wanted to be with her. It was his clarity of thoughts that gave him the success he deserves.

3. Knowing when to quit: What most of us have failed to understand is knowing when to quit. He decided to quit his graduation while realizing that he was not able to connect to what was being taught. Realizing his calling and making a swift decision so early paid up for him. This is why he could rise to the top so early.

4. Starting from scratch, again: While Felix was working on his first YouTube channel, he was already gaining subscribers. But, as fate would have it, he forgot the password of the channel. It resulted in him being locked out of his channel. This meant that he had to start with a new channel again. Starting from scratch needs a lot of emotional effort and he managed to do it.

5. Integrity over everything else: During his stint, he has been the center of multiple controversies. Such controversies also hampered his business deals and agreements. Upon realizing where he missed out, he never shied away from apologizing publicly about his mistake. This was the best example of integrity displayed by Felix.

6. Keeping philanthropy as a priority: Understanding the importance of philanthropy and the way he could touch lives, has given Felix a different personality altogether. Growing with time due to his work and his off-screen activities, PewDiePie is an inspiration to most of the new YouTubers.

Final Words

Though there has been a lot of controversy over the topic of work done by Felix and he has been targeted numerous times for the same, yet his success talks for itself. With immense hard work and struggle, he ensured that he could make dreams come true. If you are aspiring to be a YouTuber too, make sure you deliver content regularly, as that is what engages people!

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