Meet Kevin Net Worth

Kevin Paffrath aka Meet Kevin Net Worth

Kevin Paffrath, famously known as Meet Kevin is a Real Estate Agent, Investor and a Youtuber. Let’s find out more about his income and net worth.

Net Worth$40 Million
Known forMeet Kevin, the no pressure real estate agent, Meet Kevin on YouTube
PositionRealtor, investor, YouTuber
CountryUnited States of America
SpouseLauren Paffrath
Last Updated2022

Kevin lives in Santa Barbara County and is good friends with Graham Stephan, another great Realtor, investor and Youtuber. 

As Ventura & Santa Barbara County’s top-producing realtor, Meet Kevin has sold over $100 Million in real estate in the last five years. He has trademarked his slogan “Meet Kevin The No-Pressure Real Estate Agent ®”. 

Meet Kevin Early Life

Meet Kevin was just 16 years old when he started buying the Apple stock. He saved money to buy stocks from the $7,000 he made per year working at Jamba Juice. Frustrated by the 10 cents raise, he moved to Red Robin making around $9,500 a year. 

Shortly thereafter, he got into real-estate sales. In his first year his gross commissions were $35,000. Although the first 8 months went by without generating a single penny, the reward was worth the wait. Besides, it was almost 4 times the money he made working at the restaurant. 

A year after that, Kevin earned $65,000. Then the following year there was this time when his professor at UCLA asked him if he made more money than an associate professor, a question that went unanswered, but that year Kevin made $145,000. 

Meet Kevin Income

Kevin has a lot of income sources. His major one being Real-estate sales commissions at about $600,000 a year. But, besides that, he’s also a YouTuber and a Real-estate investor. 

He has about 20 rental houses but his exact income from them is not known. A guess at $2,000 a month from each property would bring the revenue to about $40,000. Then there are property taxes, mortgage payment, and maintenance costs and that should pull the income down to $10,000. But, that’s just our estimate.

Kevin also earns about $150,000 each month from YouTube ad revenue and he plans to cut down his real estate work hours to maintain a better work life balance. The thing about YouTube income is that it fluctuates a lot, and Kevin says that he’s had about two months where YouTube revenue exceeded $1 Million.

Then, there are courses on real estate investment which generates about $250,000 a month and YouTube affiliate income generating another $150,000. Everything combined, Kevin makes about $5.75 Million per year.

Source: CNBC Make it.

Meet Kevin Net Worth

Kevin has a combination of income sources pretty much similar to Graham Stephan. It’s hard to tell their exact net worth because their exact mortgage amount is unknown. But, we’ve tried our best to calculate their net worth as accurately as possible and according to our estimates, the net worth of Kevin Paffrath aka Meet Kevin is about $40 Million

Meet Kevin Net Worth Kevin Paffrath
Meet Kevin Income Streams

This includes about $20.5 Million worth of Stocks minus margin of ~ $450,000 on his stocks and his real estate portfolio worth about $20 Million.

Kevin recently pulled out almost all of his money out of the stock market. He cited the reasons being Fed’s u-turn on inflation being transitory and uncertainty around hiking of interest rates and all the volatility caused due to supply shortages and rising inflation concerns. This led to a lot of outrage on YouTube by his subscribers because Kevin himself used to preach Buy the Dip and make fun of people who sold out in bear market.

Now he’s also selling some of his Real-Estate!

Meet Kevin and Graham Stephan

Kevin Paffrath from Meet Kevin and Graham Stephan are good friends. They’ve collaborated in multiple videos over the last few years. Here are two of my favourite videos:

1. Confronting Graham Stephan’s Remodel – So, Graham Stephan posted a video where he talked about the remodelling of one of his rental units. This is a collaborative video where Kevin helps him save a couple thousand bucks in the remodelling process.

2. A Shocking Look into Cheap Real Estate: The $12,900 House – Between 1950-70, Detroit lost about a quarter of its population. Although there are various reasons behind the city’s decline, the major among them is thought to be political corruption.

But, things are changing now and with the rise in income level, crime rates are on the decline.

In this video they both explore the place to find a good rental property that they can invest in.

My Thoughts on Kevin & Graham

I personally think that Meet Kevin is geared more towards Real-estate investing and seems to have slightly more knowledge about the subject. Don’t get me wrong. Graham is good as well, but Kevin seems to have a fair bit of advantage there. Now, where Graham really shines is in being a better entertainer. So, most people would find his videos and teaching style to be more appealing. 

I don’t mean to create a fight between the two. They both have a lot of my respect and they’re really good at their profession, but this is what I personally feel the differences between them are. 

Meet Kevin Latest Endeavours

In late 2021, Kevin ran for the office of the Governor of California, but unfortunately didn’t win. In one of his other videos, Kevin was talking about starting multiple new Businesses in 2022. We’ll share the update here as and when we get more details about them.

Lessons to learn from Meet Kevin

1. Sometimes by revisiting the past you can get clues and learn a lesson – Once Kevin got into real estate he was hooked to working hard and making money. I’m not saying working hard is wrong. But here’s the thing : he worked really hard at the restaurants but didn’t get paid as much. Why? There was a limit. In sales there wasn’t a limit. The more he sold the more he earned. Also, People don’t pay as much for the smoothies as they do for real estate. 

2. Margins play an important role in the business and profession – After getting hold of real estate as an agent, Kevin decided to start a construction division to make some more money. It was then that he realised that construction was where people wanted to pay as little as possible to get their job done. Real estate on the other hand, was where people were looking to invest in order to generate income. It’s very important because wherever there’s an incentive to generate income by investing, the sellers can charge more money hence improving the margin. 

3. You get rewarded for helping people – Now this is a generic phrase I know, but there’s more to it. Kevin was helping people quench their thirst at Jamba Juice and helping more people than in real estate. But the value of his help was much lower than that in real estate. That’s the point. You get rewarded for helping people, but your reward also depends on the value you’re creating for those people. 


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By our estimates, the net worth of Kevin Paffrath aka Meet Kevin is about $40 Million. We have tried our best to calculate his net worth as accurately as possible.

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