Lee Min Ki net worth

Lee Min Ki Net Worth

What is the net worth of Lee Min Ki?

Net Worth$3 Million
Known forMovie: Monster
PositionActor, Singer
CountrySouth Korea
Last Updated2024

Maybe you remember him from Spellbound? Or as Nam Bong Ki of Love Truly!

But, I will remember him as Nam See-Hee from Because This Is My First Life!

Lee Min Ki can be regarded as one of the most talented, versatile, and smooth-going actors present in the K-drama industry. The 36-year-old artist has strengthened his foot not only as an actor but also as a musician.

With an estimated net worth of $3 Million, Lee Min Ki has proved to be a boon for the KDrama industry!

Let’s learn a little more about the life of the brilliant actor and budding Kpop singer!

Early Life and Education

Born in Gumaye, in South Korea, Lee Min Ki completed his education at Konkuk University, where he studied Fine Arts. Post his graduation, he decided to jump into the domain of acting, starting with his first show: My Older Brother, essaying the role of Kang Min Ki.

Lee Min Ki’s Journey in the Television Series

Lee Min Ki got his first break in the TV Series Love Truly. Love Truly gave him the needed accolades, which helped him to work with some of the top-notch stars in the Korean industry.

Lee then further moved on to experiment in alternative genres as well. Not only was it unique for his style of acting, but he also got exposure to working with Indie stars.

Then, came A Million in his life, wherein he was at the receiving end of accolades. Playing the hot-headed janitor, he surely gained a wide fan base thanks to his versatility.

The show turned out to be the cause for the rise to prominence for Lee Min Ki. His performance soon bagged his roles in movies like Tidal Wave, Quick, and Spell Bound.

Experimenting with genres

As Lee Min Ki was gaining experience across numerous genres, he was solidifying his stance as a creative artist. His movies and shows till now showed him working in genres like romance, adventure, and action-comedy!

Though the experiments were working out quite well, Lee was slowly turning out to be a preferred choice for romantic comedies and dramas.

With Spellbound being quite a success, with close to 94% liking in Google Reviews, his venture into romantic comedy became successful. To take it forward, he went ahead to venture into more projects within the genre of romance but fragmenting his niche more minutely.

His next project was Very Ordinary Couple!

And, it was one hell of success for Lee!

Pairing up with Kim-Min-Hee, the story revolves around two employees working in the same bank, adjusting to each other. Having shared a romantic bond previously, both of them find it strange to come face-to-face every day.

The movie shows how feelings and emotions can change, for the same person, with time. Delicately played by both the characters, the movie portrays how break-ups should not turn into. So, it gets the name Very Ordinary Couple! 

If you are someone who has a flair for romantic dramas, this movie is a recommendation from us! Every moment and every flashback during the movie makes it a joy to watch!

Venturing into thriller and the success of Monseuteo

Well, what remained to explore for Lee was essaying the role that can take you to the edge of your seat.

Monster (몬스터) gave him exactly the right opportunity!

Portraying the role of a nonchalant, cold-hearted murderer, Lee Min Ki made sure to push himself to the boundary!

Wondering what could the movie be all about?

When you end up messing with the wrong person, killing the wrong girl, and revenge comes behind you, masqueraded as uncanny, slithering viper, you get 몬스터!

This movie will be our second recommendation! 

Lee Min Ki is a completely new avatar, from the other side of the line of sanity!

Lee Min Ki’s performance in Shoot Me in the Heart gave him international accolades. The movie revolves around two people, who are locked up in the asylum, and their race to freedom to experience their lives at best!

Showing how true friendships can help in facing the toughest of times, this movie is worth watching. The dynamic acting, ecstatic screenplay, and riveting story promises to drive you off your seat!

Going back to Television after 10 years

Lee Min Ki’s success can be traced back to television. Hence, returning to television made all the sense!

And, what a show to start with!

‘Because this is my first life’ is probably a particular web series that I can watch over and over again!

Starring opposite Jung So Min, this show became an instant hit! 

A love story with no car crash, but just two people falling in love.

The show got a very positive response globally. It shows the stages in which two people fall in love, and it is not generally the way we think it is!

You can check out a detailed review of the show as well! This show will be our recommendation #3.

Lee Min Ki Upcoming projects / TV shows

Lee Min Ki is all-ready to have a wonderful 2021 and 2022, even though the world is going through a grim situation.

A couple of projects / TV Shows that we are aware of: Three Days and Oh! Jooinnim.

We are pretty excited about both the projects. Slated to release in the next couple of years, it will be interesting to see how both of them fare!

Time to block my calendar for the first day of the first show!

Career in Music

Lee has been a very successful person in the acting industry. And, it also prompted him to harmonize with some of the best musicians in the Kpop industry as well.

Collaboration with Free Tempo resulted in the first single “Power of Love” which was a digital release. Music video appearances also helped Lee to gain prominence in the music industry, away from acting. His first EP No Kidding was pretty well received amongst the KPop fans as well!

Lee Min’s career can be cited as one of the most successful ones at such a young age! Let us look at the top 3 things we can learn from Lee.

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Things we can learn from Lee Min Ki

1. Don’t just restrict yourself to one genre. Trying out different genres worked out best for Lee! And, we really appreciate Lee for the same!

2. Pursuing your passion is always the right thing to do! Honing his acting skills, getting into modeling, and then moving on to have some really big hits is always learning from his page!

3. Experiments should be a part and parcel of work! Trying something, which is completely new was Monster! And he was just so perfect in portraying the psychopathic killer! Really enjoyed it!

Lee Min Ki Movies, TV shows and Music / Discography

Here’s an extensive list of Movies, TV shows and Music involving Lee Min Ki in respective order. 

Lee Min Ki Movies: 

1. Riverbank Legends – 2006

2. A Good Day to Have an Affair – 2007

3. Humming – 2008

4. Romantic Island – 2008

5. Oishii Man – 2009

6. Tidal Wave – 2009

7. A Million – 2009

8. Quick – 2011

9. Spellbound – 2011

10. Very ordinary couple – 2013

11. Monster – 2014

12. For the Emperor – 2014

13. Shoot me in the Heart – 2015

14. Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead – 2018

15. (Upcoming) Three Days – 2021

Lee Min Ki TV Shows:

1. My Older Brother as Kang Min-ki – 2004

2. Oh! Sarah as Kim Dong-kang – 2005

3. Be Strong, Geum-soon! as Noh Tae-hwan – 2005

4. Booyong of Mt. Kyeryong as Hyeong-soo – 2005

5. Taereung National Village as Hong Min-ki – 2005

6. Rainbow Romance as Himself – 2005

7. Love Truly as Nam Bong-ki – 2006

8. Dal-ja’s Spring as Kang Tae-bong – 2007

9. Evasive Inquiry Agency as Park Mu-yeol – 2007

10. Flower Band as Joo Byung-hee – 2012

11. Because This Is My First Life as Nam Se-hee – 2017

12. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim as young Mi-so’s father – 2018 

13. The Beauty Inside as Seo Do-jae – 2018

14. The Lies Within as Jo Tae-sik – 2019

15. Oh My Ladylord as Han Bi-soo – 2021

Lee Min Ki Music / Discography 

1. Power of Love – 2008

2. We Can’t Forget the Reason – 2008

3. No Kidding EP with 6 Songs – 2009

4. 지난날 Those Days I Had with You – 2013

5. Everything – 2013


Lee Min Ki is a brilliant actor and a budding Korean Star. As of 2024, the net worth of Lee Min Ki stands at $3 Million.

What do you think about the net worth of Lee Min Ki?

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