Grant Cardone net worth

Grant Cardone Net Worth Bio & Age

Grant Cardone Net Worth, Bio, & Age

Net Worth$300 Million
Known forSales Training, & Real-Estate Investment
CountryUnited States of America
Last Updated2020

No one can understand the importance of education better than Grant Cardone. He gives the credit of the success he’s achieved in life to the education he’s received. 

A perfect story of struggle, rags to riches, and the behemoth tenacity that a person can have! Starting his own business in the domain of the real estate sector and branching towards being the life coach, Grant is granted the best ingredients of success.

His early life has had a fair share of struggle. His struggle had an unending series of events, which pushed him and his family to poverty. Yet, as Grant says, if not for education, he would not have been what he is today!

The estimated net worth of Grant Cardone is $300 Million, as of 2020.

Grant Cardone Early Life

Grant lost his father at a very early age of 10 years. It must have been very difficult for him since there was no one he could look up to. All the male members in his family were either as old as he was or younger. 

This responsibility thrust on his shoulder made him an accountable person. After the loss of his father, Grant could see a downfall in the living standards of his life. As written by him in his book, ‘Be obsessed or Be average’, with the loss of his dad due to a cardiac arrest, his family lost a lot of wealth and assets. As a result, it also hampered the life-style of their family including his own.

Cardone also wrote in his book that the fear of the loss of a provider in the family forced his mom to be defensive towards life. She ended up focusing more on saving rather than earning.

This constant fear of losing even what is available, made his early life full of fear & struggle.

The lack of any authoritative figure in the house really wrecked upon him. As he was growing up, there were issues with finding a direction in life, drugs, and a mirage of high self-worth. As a result, though the success was not coming, the lack of it, started to hit him hard. 

Yet, as he proceeded with life, he understood the importance of education. 

He has mentioned that the middle-class mentality of parenting could be the last nail in the coffin for achieving the big life you dream of.

Grant Cardone Education and Job

Though the drug issue was increasing at a rapid rate, Grant ensured to complete his education. He completed his accountant degree from McNeese State University after which he could bag a job as an auto-salesperson. 

According to him, he hated doing the job. He simply hated it!
And this led him further on the drug peril.

To add to his woes, he lost his twin brother at around the same time. But, he decided to listen to the advice of his mother and dedicated his 100% to the sales job at the auto-dealership. 

Soon, when Cardone was 25, he realized that he needed to buckle up and get back to life. He realized the importance of accountability as he was failing to keep up with his job. 

Grant Cardone: The Turnaround Point!

If you have been waiting for the big turnaround, well the big turnaround point in his life came while Grant Cardone was leaving the rehab center. One person asked him to get off his head, the idea of being too successful and just focus on not taking drugs again!

Well, that does make sense now: Be obsessed or Be Average!

Though a bit late, at 25, he finally got things right! Going back to the car-dealership sales job, he decided to be great in what he hates the most.

For him, the mantra was to not leave a single moment free for himself, to focus on anything else. He just wanted to be a great salesman. Thus, he started his second innings by focusing on becoming the best salesman for automobiles. 

Grant Cardone Net Worth

With a net worth of close to $300 Million, the early stories of Grant started with him saving a larger share of his earnings. He made sure to learn everything across the automobile industry.

Cardone quotes that he had committed close to 700 hours in the first year trying to know and learn everything about becoming the best salesperson. 

Soon, the results were visible. Cardone started to make $3000-$6000 a month from his commission-based job. He has said it on record, that he will remember the leap from $3000 to $6000 more than earning his first million. 

Grant tells the reason of it becoming the major result of some sheer hard work, which needed him to learn everything about the industry. It helped him gain confidence and also forced him to reassess his potential. 

The journey of sales actually made him the real millionaire. While he was saving up from his salary, he also ensured to build a personal brand. He started Cardone Enterprises, wherein he pitched in the sales seminars and taught the best way to sell something. 

As time and luck would have it, he ended up investing a larger sum of his earnings into Real Estate. By the early 30s, Cardone had made his first million. 

As of 2020, the net worth of Grant Cardone is estimated at $300 Million.

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Grant Cardone Philanthropy

The philanthropic works of Cardone have also garnered a lot of appreciation from the masses. His fight against drug abuse is highly appreciated wherein all his earning from the sale of his books is donated to the foundations. 

With Cardone’s ultimate motive of “Give, Give, Give,” his attempts towards saving American Teens from drug-addict life shows that he doesn’t want others to go through the same problem as him.

Grant Cardone Life Learnings

Major life learnings that we can take from Cardone’s life are: 

1. Your situation is not in your hand, but how you react to the situation is. Make sure you own up before you lose it!

2. If you are not growing up due to criticism, you might never be able to bounce back in life. 

3. Education is the most important thing that you can carry forward in your life. Make sure you don’t leave it just to pursue something fancy!

4. One job can never make you a millionaire

5. Make sure to give back to society, once you are strong enough to carry your own weight!


Grant Cardone’s life story is an inspiration for anybody who’s struggling right now & looking to transform his/her life around. The amount of ups & downs Cardone has seen in his life has made him a stronger person now. But, if it wasn’t for his realisation of his situation & sheer willingness to change it, he wouldn’t have been as successful as he is today!

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