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Graham Stephan is a Real Estate Agent, a Real Estate Investor, a YouTube creator, and a car Enthusiast based in Los Angeles, California. Let’s find out his Net Worth, Income, and lifestyle.

Net Worth$21.5 Million
Known forGraham Stephan and The Graham Stephan Show on YouTube
PositionRealtor at Oppenheim Group, Real Estate Investor, YouTuber, and founder of BankRoll Coffee.
CountryUnited States of America
SpouseSavannah Smiles, Girlfriend
Last Updated2022

Graham is a realtor associate at the Oppenheim Group, and has sold over $130 Million worth of residential Real-Estate. 

Today, he owns 7 rental properties worth $9.8 Million.

Graham Stephan Early Life and Education

Graham was born on April 22, 1990 in California. He was also raised in California. After graduating high school, he didn’t get into college because of bad grades. The only option for him was to get a real estate license so he could work as an agent for a year and then reapply to colleges. But, after working for a year he found himself loving the work so much that he never applied. 

Graham Stephan’s Career

Graham Stephan started his career as a real estate agent at the age of 18. Initially he lived with his father and worked as a real estate agent. This was around the time of 2008 financial crisis when real estate prices had plummeted, so there wasn’t much demand for real estate. But, people still had to live somewhere and Graham saw this as an opportunity.

He helped people find rental properties to live in. While commissions on rental properties weren’t high, it was still building his client base. When the tides turned and those renters wanted to buy properties, they turned to Graham and this helped him make a lot of money in commissions. Then there was his frugallity which allowed him to save enough cash and buy a rental property. Graham’s first rental property cost him $59,500 and he bought it with his saved up cash.

Shortly after that, he bought his second rental property for $72,000. This was also the time around when he left his dad’s house to live on his own.

Today, he owns 6 properties across L.A. Amongst his real estate portfolio is a two unit duplex in Los Angeles, where he lives in one unit and rents out the other.

Graham Stephan Lifestyle 

Graham Stephan is extremely frugal and a financial minimalist. He spends less than 1% of his income; saving and investing the remaining 99%. 

He has a girlfriend who is as frugal as him. For context: they’d watch something on Netflix instead of going to Cinema. They’d make their own food at home Instead of going out and call it a date. But even when they end up going out, they split their meals. So, effectively they end up paying half for the food of two!

Graham Stephan Income

Graham Stephan typically earns about $150,000 in a month. About 10% of that amount, comes from rental properties (excluding expenses) and 5% from Real estate commissions. The remaining 85% is directly or indirectly associated with YouTube and his courses on Teachable. 

He wouldn’t have been able to make the kind of videos that he makes today if it wasn’t for his real estate experience. So, even that YouTube income is pretty much due to his real estate career, experiences, and investment principles. 

He is good friends with Kevin Paffrath, famously known as Meet Kevin, and Andrei Jikh. Kevin is a Realtor and Investor from Ventura & Santa Barbara County. He also makes YouTube videos, inspired by Graham.

Andrei is a YouTuber, but not an ordinary one. He’s one of the few who makes 6 figues on YouTube solely through adsense, without any sposorship. Together, they’ve done multiple collaborations and many of them garnered millions of views. Their collaborative channel Millenial Money involves another host Jeremy from Financial Education YouTube channel.

Graham Stephan Net Worth

Graham likes to keep $20,000 – $30,000 in his checking account just in case of an emergency. But, most of his money is spread out throughout his investment portfolio consisting of high interest savings account, stocks, and real estate. The largest share of his investments is in real estate. 

Talking about Graham’s portfolio, he owns about $9.8 Million worth of Real Estate, $7 Million worth of stocks, $3.5 Million in Angel Investing activities, $1 Million in Cryptocurrencies split 60-40 betweel Bitcoin and Ethereum and $3.2 Million spread out across multiple Savings accounts and Treasury Bills. The total comes to roughly $24.5 Million. Graham has a debt of about $3 Million on his rental properties, bringing his net worth to $21.5 Million.

Graham Stephan Latest Endeavours

In the early 2021, Graham started a new coffee company, but due to some legal issues he had to rename his company and start afresh. His latest, fully operational coffee company goes by the name of BankRoll Coffee.

Lessons to learn from Graham Stephan

Stephan Graham went from failing to get into a college to becoming a Millionaire at 26, all by himself. Here are a few key points that led to his success:

1. Do what you’re best at and do it consistently. If you look at Graham, he hasn’t changed his investment style over the last 5 years. He still does real estate sales and investments while focusing more on YouTube because of the fickle nature of the internet. 

2. Saving up money really comes in handy at the time of a good investment opportunity. He had saved up about $200,000 by 2012 which helped him buy his first two rental properties. 

3. Don’t just think, give it a shot. Had Graham refused to make his first video thinking who would want to watch him. He’d be losing out on such a big income stream, i.e. YouTube. 

4. More income doesn’t mean you must spend more. Although Graham earns a lot more now, his expenses have still been low. He likes to keep his investment principal intact, only spending from the earnings generated by his investments. 

5. You don’t necessarily have to have a college degree in order to become rich. Graham Stephan didn’t go to a college, yet he is a millionaire. But he is not alone. If you watch his videos especially The Graham Stephan Show, you’ll notice how, many high earners haven’t gone to college. You need to be consistent and have a rich people’s mentality and frugal spending habit to get rich.

6. 20s is the best time to hustle. In order to get rich and retire early you need to hustle, so that you can earn more in your prime time. But you should also be spending frugally and start investing early. Compounding can do wonders to long term investments.


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As of today, the estimated net worth of Graham Stephan is about $21.5 Million

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