Dan Western Biography – Who is Dan Western & How much is he worth?

Dan Western is a British Entrepreneur, and the founder of wealthygorilla.com. It is one of the fastest growing self development websites and has reached over 60 million people worldwide. 

Dan started Wealthygorilla to help people stay focused and motivated towards their goals and eventually succeed, no matter how hard the situation. Content on Dan’s website and social media posts include motivational speeches, inspirational stories, self-improvement articles, rich lists, motivational quotes, etc. In addition to that, the story of Dan Western could also be enough of a motivation for many people. 

Where does Dan Western Live?

Dan Western lives in Bali, Indonesia. His morning routine typically consists of going to a cafe and working for a few hours while having his breakfast. Then he would do some gym, and fitness related activities, or go to the sauna / pool. 

After that he would grab some lunch and then get back to work. In the evening he would watch a movie or go out with his friends for a drink.

In his off days he would go out to trips, clubs, beaches, etc.

Source : mediavine

Dan Western Income

WealthyGorilla gets about 4.2 Million sessions per month. With a bouce rate of 74% (data from Semrush) monthly page views traslate to about 5.5 Million. At an RPM of $8, Dan’s estimated monthly income would be around $35,000. And that’s just Advertisements Revenue.

They also have affiliate posts and probably earn a few thousand dollars from there. But lets just ignore it.

Coming to the expenses part, it should cost about $2,000 a month to host a website with traffic like Wealthygorilla. Then there are other expenses like paid plugins to improve functionality and such. Adding those should bring his monthly expense to about $3,000.

But wait, that’s just the beginning. Wealthygorilla has ~ 3500 articles published. In order to hire or freelance qualified people to update and write new articles, it should cost about $15,000 each month. Now let’s also add compliance costs and other miscelleneous costs at $2,000 per month to run a Company like Wealthygorilla Limited. This brings the total cost of running his internet business to ~ $15,000.

At $15,000 a month, Dan’s Wealthygorilla Limited makes about $180,000 yearly in net profits.

What is Dan Western’s net worth?

Dan’s been running his internet business for about 7 years now. But, he’s been making over a Million dollars only in the last 2-3 years. Proir to that, most of his money would’ve been reinvested into the business for growth.

So, that way, he could’ve ammased roughly $400,000 over the years. His internet business on the other hand, can be valued at about $1.8 Million, at 10x PE.

So, according to us, the net worth of Dan Western is about $2.2 Million. Now, his own website, Wealthygorilla disagrees with our calculation and since they did it internally and know Dan better, we can’t refute thier numbers.

It’s possible that Dan may have invested into other ventures or companies as well and turned his capital to $1.3 Million from $400k.

Hey Dan, if you’re reading this, I hope you’re well. Please scroll to the bottom of the page. I have something for you.

Note: This is an unofficial estimate of Dan’s net-worth. It may or may not be accurate. But, actual numbers should be very close.

When and why did Dan Western create Wealthygorilla?

Dan used to live with his parents in England. He had a 9-5 Job, a car and a girlfriend. A pretty normal life for most, but not for him. He wanted to visit, and explore foreign countries.

In 2014 he began obsessing over fitness. After following many fitness and self development websites he got inspired to start his own. He realised that he wasn’t getting the sense of fulfilment in his 9-5 job. So he left that job, focused completely on his website and moved to Bali, Indonesia. 

Initially he used to copy the style of other successful websites but that didn’t work very well. Obviously since he was competing with big companies who probably had dozens of authors while Dan was alone. Eventually he realised his mistake, figured out his own unique style and implemented it. Now we know that people really love it and thus keep coming back.

Dan Western: “Now, I just carry out everything to how I would like it. The name, the logo, the design, the way everything is done. It’s all my personal style, and if people like it that way then that’s what’ll keep them coming back!”


Dan had actually posted an article back in 2014 explaining about his biggest mistake, but I was unable to find a fresh copy of it on his website wealthygorilla.com. So, I’ve linked to a cached copy of that page for you to read.

Which Hosting is used by Dan Western to host Wealthygorilla?

Wealthygorilla is currently hosted on PressLabs and uses LeaseWeb as their service provider. But, when Dan initially started Wealthygorilla in 2014, he probably used BlueHost (UnifiedLayer). Later he switched to SoftLayer’s Hosting with CloudFlare CDN, and then to SingleHop(Now: INAP)

Source: SecurityTrials | History 


To connect with Dan Western on Twitter click here.

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