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50 Cents Net Worth, Bio, Age

Net Worth$30 Million
Known forRap / Hip-Hop Music
PositionSinger, Artist
CountryUnited States of America
Last Updated2020

50 Cent is one of the most popular names in the world of Rap music. He has been renowned for his street-style rapping and his struggle to stardom. Yet, this article talks much more than just about his success.

We have tried to bring a few snapshots of his life, wherein the lessons which he learned to have pushed him further. 

As of 2020, the net worth of 50 Cent is estimated at $30 Million.

50 Cent Early Life

Curtis Jakes Jackson (50 Cent) was born in South Jamaica, US, on July 6th 1975, was raised by a single mother. After losing both his parents at the young age of 8 years, he was raised by his grandmother for the rest of his life.

Jackson started with a troubled life, wherein his mother used to work as a drug dealer. For unknown reasons, a fire engulfed the home where he lived, with his mother. 

When he was young, he wanted to become a professional boxer. But, as he grew up, he got distracted from his boyhood aspiration, and by 12, he started selling drugs. 

At the age of 19, he was arrested with 4 vials of white cocaine, and weeks later he was found with crack and heroin in his house. As a consequence, he faced his imprisonment, wherein he decided to pursue his education. 

He decided to do General Educational Development and got certified in the exam. While in the Bootcamp, he took up rapping and got the stage name of 50 Cent. The name was inspired by that of a Brooklyn crook. 

How 50 Cent Started Up

Getting the first break was not simple for Jackson. He had two of his albums which got shelved. In one of the songs, ‘How to Rob?’, from the album which got shelved, his confrontational rapping style was praised. 

Eventually, the shooting incident left him with multiple injuries, both physical and mental. Post his recovery, he started with the G-Unit, wherein he made numerous low-budget recordings.

One of the mixtapes caught the attention of Eminem & Dr. Dre which prompted him to sign the first deal with Shady Records and Aftermath Label. 

The first commercial studio album gained enough prominence, selling more than 9 million copies. While his rapping style has been praised, his writing style was given even more appreciation. 

The beats in the album and the strong delivery helped him gain a lot of attention from the music lovers, along with the new persona which he had developed. With the muscles, tattoo, and bullet-proof vest, it was an integral factor in his mass appeal.

Post ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’

50 Cent’s second and third albums were also received positively amongst the fans. With things going great, he started up his own record label under the Interscope, and he reformed the G-Unit. 

By the time his sale of the album started to tank, he had made enough fame with his persona, his life story, and his music. 

Moreover, the latest albums seemed to reduce the glory which he enjoyed, with the last one garnering a meager sale of copies. The feuds made him even more distracted. Later he ventured into the world of business. 

Be it SMS Audio or VitaminWater, 50 Cents has been a pretty successful businessman off the list. VitaminWater helped him gross $100 million on its acquisition by Coca-Cola. 

50 Cent’s Business Ventures

Post music, Jackson aka 50 Cent also launched his own film production. Getting into the production of both music and film created a new role for him. 

His series named Power was a long-running show that ranked at No. 1 on Starz channel. Starting up with the new drama series, For Life, it is going to be launched soon on ABC Network. 

50 Cent’s Net worth

As of 2020, 50 Cent’s net worth is close to $30 Million. His major source of income is from the music albums which he has sold. Moreover, the share of the business in his income has also risen.

50 Cents has shared about his inclination towards cars. In one of the interviews, he has shared that he has more cars than the space to keep them. 

What is interesting to note is that 50 Cents has bought his property from Mike Tyson, who is himself 10X wealthier than 50 Cents.

At its peak in 2015, the net worth of 50 Cent was $155 Million, as per Forbes, but after his Bankruptcy filing it shrunk to -$16 Million. Although he has started building his wealth again, it’s nowhere near his peak net worth.

50 Cent’s income per month is reported to be $200K, most of which comes from the selling of the merchandise of G Unit. 

The larger chunk of his spending goes in the maintenance of his three homes. Moreover, his business venture to create Formula 50 has also made him quite renowned. October of 2004 saw Jackson becoming a minority investor in the beverage company, wherein he went as a keynote speaker. This was a great moment for him since he was also a fan of the respective brand. 

Key Learnings from 50 Cent’s life

1. Never give up on education: Just like every success story, this one has paid a lot of attention to education. Even while in prison, 50 Cents completed the high-school level of education.

2. Be passionate: It is important to remain passionate about something and keep working towards it. Being prepared helps you to make the best out of every opportunity in life. 

3. Versatility is the key: Curtis was not only into music, but was into production, business, and also into hardcore business. It shows that financial growth happens only when someone is versatile and has a changing or rather growth oriented attitude. 

4. Have your own unique style: It is important to gain your own unique style which makes you noticeable. 50 Cents was unique with his rapping, which made him easily loved by the fans. Moreover, he had the best backing possible in terms of Marshall Mathers and Dr. Dre. 

5. Don’t live in the past: Everyone has a past. But, the past is not to be clung on to. Instead, it is to be taken inspiration from and to grow and develop yourself better than in the past. 

6. Some things are short and beautiful: Be it the music career or the business, there was no longevity. Yet, there was a beauty. So, as long as it is beautiful, make sure you reap the most benefit out of it.


Curtis Jackson’s life has been a roller coaster. He took on a dark path right from the start of his teenage years. 

He managed to turn his life around by his dedication & will, but later lost a vast majority of his wealth. But, that didn’t keep him from starting all over again. 

This time he wasn’t starting from scratch instead he was starting from experience and so far has managed to garner $30 Million. 

We hope 50 Cent’s story acts as an inspiration to you, our readers to never lose hope. It’s never too late to start rebuilding. 

That said, we should learn from others mistakes to avoid doing it ourselves. 

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