10 Best Cryptocurrencies

The 10 Best Cryptocurrencies for the next bull run 2022-2025

The 10 Best Cryptocurrencies to invest in, for the next bull run 2022-2025

Cryptocurrencies have been a very hot topic throughout 2021. It all started in November 2020 when Bitcoin crossed it’s 2017 ATH of ~ $20,000. It marked the beginning of a new bull run. The rally was further fueled by Elon Musk’s announcement on Twitter stating Tesla would start accepting Bitcoin for car purchases and that Tesla already had over $1.5 Billion worth of Bitcoins. 

Now, there are a lot of speculations around what pushed the prices of crypto soaring this year, but that’s not what we’re here to discuss. Instead, we’ll take a look at 10 fundamentally strong cryptocurrencies which should give good returns in the next bull run i.e. 2022 to 2025. That is, if you continue to buy in small amounts each week or month for at least a year or two and then hold until 2025. Also, while doing so don’t forget that crypto is a very volatile asset and you shouldn’t put too much money in it. Your life shouldn’t depend on or get affected significantly if you lose the money that’s invested into crypto. 

I wouldn’t say that it can go to 0, which it may, nobody really knows, but instead you should have some sort of stop loss in place to not lose beyond a certain percentage of capital. 

Again, all this is not financial advice. Please do your own due diligence before investing in crypto. 

Anyway, back to the list; here we go:

10. Ethereum $ETH

Ethereum best cryptocurrencies

Recommended Price: $3,237.71, Screenshot

Ethereum is the first crypto that enabled smart contracts which led to the rise of a whole bunch of Decentralized Ecosystems like Decentralized Apps (DAPPs), Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), and Decentralized Finance (De-Fi) among other Decentralized things. 

The problem with Etherum though, is its transaction throughput which is limited by its Proof of Work consensus. This has pushed the Gas fees of the Ethereum network to as high as $100 per transaction. 

The good news though, is that Ethereum is stated to migrate to Proof of Stake consensus by June – July 2022. After that the network will undergo another upgrade to support shading (time unknown right now). That’s when we can expect the gas fees to go down significantly. (If all goes well and devs are correct)

Why should you invest in Ethereum $ETH?

Ethereum is the original smart contacts crypto network. So, it has that first movers advantage. Then there’s an upgrade to PoS which should happen sometime in June – July 2022. Should the merge go smoothly, Ethereum will become the largest PoS chain and reduce its carbon footprint by about 99%.


BNB Best cryptocurrencies

Recommended Price: $474.46, Screenshot

BNB is the native token of Binance Platform as well as Binance Smart Chain. The Binance Smart Chain or BSC was created with Proof of Stake consensus to rival the Ethereum smart contracts network. Binance Smart Chain is currently the largest Ethereum Killer network out there.

Even though the transaction throughput of BSC is very high, it’s fees can also sometimes be as high as $0.5 or even higher. 

The largest dex on BSC is PancakeSwap.

Why should you invest in Binance Coin $BNB?

Apart from being the native token of the largest Crypto Exchange in the world, BNB also helps you participate in airdrops of launchpad coins which may fetch ~ 5 % APY in additional earning apart from BNB value gains. Just stake your BNB into the Vault and earn rewards.

8. Solana $SOL

SOL Best crypto

Recommended Price: $144.08, Screenshot

Solana is a very interesting blockchain. For starters, it’s CEO, Anatoly Yakovenko, was an Engineer at Qualcomm with experience in Network engineering. 

For the next part, with Solana they tried to solve the “Scalability – Security – Decentralization” trilemma using something called proof of history consensus. This also allows them to be extremely energy efficient and help make Blockchain smart contracts and Web 3.0 sustainable.

The only problem is, some people in crypto don’t believe the network to be as decentralized as it is claimed to be, since it was shut down and restarted back in mid-September, 2021 when the network was overwhelmed by the sheer number of transactions. Still like it? 

Here’s why you should invest in Solana:

As NFTs and play to earn games gain traction, the need for a fast, cheap, and reliable blockchain will only increase. Solana ticks all those boxes for now and the foreseeable future. It’s fast, cheap, and energy efficient and that has given rise to many new Defi and NFT projects being built on the Solana Ecosystem. 

Moreover as the cryptocurrency becomes larger it will attract interest from more people and eventually become sufficiently decentralised.

7. Polygon Matic $MATIC

Matic Best cryptocurrencies

Recommended Price: $2.22, Screenshot

Polygon is a layer 2 aggregator for the Ethereum network to help it scale by taking some of the load off of the main Ethereum chain. It uses Plasma to aggregate transactions and support multi chain interoperability amongst Ethereum compatible blockchains.

Why should you invest in Polygon $MATIC?

Polygon being a layer 2 solution benefits from both the name of the original Ethereum Blockchain as well as from a functionality point of view by providing cheaper transactions. Many games and NFT platforms are utilising the Polygon network to provide better user experience by lowering gas fees to affordable levels.

6. Avalanche $AVAX

AVAX fastest ttf crypto best

Recommended Price: $88.95, Screenshot

Avalanche is an EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible blockchain with focus on Transaction speed and low gas fees. It has three chains named X, P and C. The X chain is to trade the native token, the P is for staking when validating the network and the C chain is for the smart contracts network where AVAX is used to pay for the gas fees of the transactions.

The speed and low gas fees of the Avalanche network makes it perfect for new Games to utilise this Blockchain. 

Why should you invest in Avalanche $AVAX?

A Blockchain that is well positioned to benefit from rising demand of Blockchain based play to earn games and the NFT and metaverse boom, who’d like to miss investing in this Token? 

Apart from that, Avalanche has also partnered with one of the big four accounting firms, Deloitte to leverage its blockchain for better security, accuracy and speed for the funding of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

5. Celo $CELO

Celo Best cryptocurrency

Recommended Price: $4.93, Screenshot

While most DApps require a Desktop or a Laptop computer to fully access, Celo strives to be Mobile First. It’s cheap and fast and is based on the Ethereum Virtual Machine, so it can easily be used with MetaMask wallet on both Computers and Smartphones. There are also good names backing this project including Jack Dorsey, and Chamath’s Social Capital.

Why should you invest in Celo $CELO?

The focus on mobile first makes this crypto unique, and like any other technology that has emerged in the last 20 years, the transition to mobile is what leads them to grow huge. We strongly believe in Celo and it takes 5th position on our list of Best Cryptocurrencies to invest in, and hold for the next Bull Run.

Apart from that, faster, cheaper transactions and great VC backing are icing on the cake! 

4. Anyswap $ANY

Recommended Price: $30.69, Screenshot

Anyswap is a cross chain bridge to transfer tokens from one crypto chain to another. Let’s say you have Wrapped Ethereum on Polygon and you want to move it to Solana or Avalanche. This is where cross chain bridges like Anyswap come into picture. 

Started as a Dex to support trading (or swapping) as many tokens across multiple chains as possible, Anyswap later changed its focus to only bridging tokens between different Blockchains.

Why should you invest in Anyswap $ANY?

We think that bridges are going to play a vital role in making DApps and DeFi Platforms seamless and easy to use. So we’re betting big on bridging cryptos like Anyswap.

3. Allbridge $ABR

Recommended Price: $4.46, Screenshot

Allbridge is another cross chain bridge, but with a simpler UI and better token usability. This is how it currently works:

Staking Allbridge tokens (ABR) on a Blockchain lowers the bridging fees for the chain. The staker also receives 80% of bridged fees as rewards for staking their ABR.

Why should you invest in Allbridge $ABR?

ALLBRIDGE feels very intuitive and the reward structure is uncluttered, unique and simple to understand. The bridge UI also feels very simple and intuitive to me. So this is very much like Graham buying, using and loving his Tesla Model 3 then investing in $TSLA stock because he loved the product for me. 

I’ve invested more than $1,000 (it’s a lot of money for me) in ABR and I’m shilling it, but please don’t invest based on my investments or advice. Do your own due diligence before investing in risky assets like crypto. 

ABR Investment Polygon Matic
ABR staked in Polygon
ABR in Celo staked
ABR staked in Polygon

That said, I strongly believe in Allbridge, afterall I wouldn’t put it on #3 on the list of best cryptocurrencies if I didn’t believe in it.

2. Decentraland $MANA

Recommended Price: $2.87, Screenshot

Decentraland is a Gaming / Metaverse token. Decentraland is a virtual world (part of Metaverse) where users can create, trade, and own virtual assets like land, estates, avatars, etc. 

Samsung recently announced that it has opened a store named Samsung 837X in the Decentraland Metaverse. The store is modeled after a physical Samsung store in New York. 

Why should you invest in Decentraland $MANA?

If you believe in the Metaverse and you think that Metaverse will be massive in the years to come, then, Decentraland should form a portion of your portfolio.

1. Sandbox $SAND

Recommended Price: $4.80, Screenshot

Sandbox is a Game Creation Metaverse Token and quite similar to Decentraland, but leaning more towards game creation. If you’d like to know the difference between the two then here is how the two Metaverses offer their tokens:

Decentraland has 3 Tokens: 

MANA (the native token), WEAR (for wearables and articles), and LAND (the virtual plot of land). 

Sandbox, on the other hand, has 4 tokens: 

SAND (the native token), ASSETS (contents created by users), GAMES (games created by users) and LAND (the virtual plot of land). 

Why should you invest in Sandbox $SAND?

Sandbox, like Decentraland, is a Metaverse token. Hence it is for those investors who believe in the Metaverse, and think that it’s going to be the next big thing. Where Sandbox has an added advantage over Decentraland is in the games. Users can also create games inside of the Sandbox. Since crypto based play to earn gaming is on the rise and that trend is only going to grow in the future, we think Sandbox is a good investment, hence it takes the 1st spot on our list of Best Cryptocurrencies to invest in, for the next Bull Run. 


1. Sandbox $SAND

2. Decentraland $MANA

3. Allbridge $ABR

4. Anyswap $ANY

5. Celo $CELO

6. Avalanche $AVAX

7. Polygon Matic $MATIC

8. Solana $SOL


10. Ethereum $ETH

Which Cryptocurrency will you invest in, from our list of Best Cryptocurrencies for the next bull run?

Do you think we missed your favourite cryptocurrency? Tell us in the comments below.

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